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Career of a Commercial Tile Installer in Kansas City

Have you ever wonder what a Commercial Tile Setter job is?

At Turner Ceramic Tile our tile setters cut and install hard tile, marble, stone and wood tile. This material can be installed to walls, floors, patios, counter tops and pool surfaces. A tile installer is a labor-intensive career that is physically demanding with bending and kneeling most of the time.  Most tile installation contractors will wear knee pads to protect their selves during work hours.

A basic layout of a Commercial Installer’s job:

  • Clean and level the surface
  • Measure and cut according to the specs
  • Arrange tile to the design plan
  • Prepare/apply mortar or adhesives
  • Install/lay tile

Most of the time tile setters come in to install when the construction is almost complete. Topically that allows for the area to be clean and uncluttered for a work environment.

What type of equipment does a Commercial Tile Installer use on a project?shoal creek TCT

Not all tiles fit in the space provided and need to be custom cut to make that fit! How is that done we have asked? There are a few tools that can be used; a wet saw, tile scribe or a grinder saw. A harder grade of ceramic tile should be cut with a diamond blade using a wet saw. A grinder saw is a hand held saw for smaller angled cuts, it still uses a diamond blade. The cheapest and simplest tool to use for straight cuts is call a tile scribe. How do they get that sticky paste called mastic or mortar spread evenly on the tile to set them in place? Trowels are used and come in several different sizes to accommodate the size of tile.

Ways to find the right Commercial Tile Installer for your next project.

When searching for a reliable company to install tile for a project follow some of these simple guidelines.

  • Contact the correct contractor for the job,  most have a few specific areas they specialize in. Turner Ceramic Tile specializes in Commercial Tile projects as shown here in our project types. ( Here we show our past work examples which is a plus when searching for Commercial Tiling Contractors.)
  • Find a company that warranties their work! Turner Ceramic Tile warranties our work as well as the manufacturers warranty their products.
  • Have a detailed contract in place and signed to back up any issues that may arise.
  • Licensed and Bonded are a must!! Turner Ceramic Tile is a Certified Tile Installer and a member of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA).
  • REQUEST A QUOTE! Requesting a proposal if the first step to start the process.
  • If you are looking for a local installer Contact Us!