Floor Prep in Kansas City

Turner Ceramic Tile can help you when you need it most with our services for floor prep in Kansas City.

Sometimes accidents happen and projects do not turn out the way you hoped they would. Floors have a tendency to include the ultimate element of surprise. It could be a belly in an old building or variant in floor levels. We stop the problem in its tracks by using both a laser and tap-con prior to installing the underlayment.

We have your needs covered. Our team can pour underlayment under any type of finished flooring such as: tile, carpet, VCT, epoxy, or terrazzo.

Our floor prep in Kansas City expertise doesn’t stop there. In addition, Turner Ceramic Tile offers wear topping, which is used when you are wanting the final floor to be exposed stained or sealed concrete. In our process we have a pump that holds the capability to pour up to 15,000 square feet per day, meaning you know we can handle your project no matter the requirements. Most floors have a dry time for light foot traffic in 4 hours.

Our company has been involved with floors requiring to be within 1/16".  No matter your challenge, we are here to assist.  You might simply have a sub-floor that is too rough for a thin Vinyl.  No issue, we can pour a smooth top coat, allowing you to have the sub-floor your flooring needs.  If you are thinking of having a heated floor inside a bathroom.  We also can handle this.  We will install a loose wire heated floor.  Then pump our underlayment over the wiring.  Making a seamless and safe sub-floor for any flooring to be installed over.

Don't let a tile installer attempt to trowel overheated wires directly.  Let us take the guess work out of it.  No one wants a new floor needing to be installed down the road.