Grout and Tile Restoration in Kansas City

When your grout and tile looks bad, it affects the aesthetic of your living space. Turner Ceramic Tile can overhaul your space with grout and tile restoration in Kansas City!

When you clean your floors, do you find to struggle to get it to shine like it used to? It may have something to do with your method of cleaning. Your first instinct to clean tile is to grab that filthy mop and run it across your floors with contaminated water.

Our process removes dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria that aims to restore your grout and tile to look like new.

While it may appear you are improving the tile, you are actually just spreading the dirt around into the grout joint, which is typically 1/16” lower than the tile itself. Once bacteria and dirt are embedded into the grout, your only option is to extract the contaminant with our grout and tile restoration in Kansas City.

This process is used for residential and commercial applications.  Don't battle with trying to make your tile and grout look new.  Let us handle it for you.  We can service your location just once, or choose quarterly or monthly schedule.  You dont have to worry were all the dirty water is going either.  All contaminates are not only removed from your floor.  Through the head unit everything is sucked out to the Van.  Inside the Van is a custom filtering system that removes everything from the water.  Once the water is through the filter its recycled and actually becomes drinkable.

Once your floor is cleaned simply allow to dry and start to use again.  We do recommend after a cleaning to re-seal your grout joints.  Depending on sealer manufacture you should seal every 1-5 years.  We can also assist in sealing the grout.