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Tile Flooring Design Ideas 2017

Turner Ceramic Tile

Looking for tile design trends and ideas?

We are constantly trying to keep up with the latest design trends in ceramic tile. Although tile has been around for centuries its look continues to evolve with technology. Tile is one of the easiest ways to add color and texture to any room. It can offer versatility, practicality and style! When designing a room, you want tile to make an impression, yet have something that stands the test of time. Here in our latest news we are going to talk about some of the current tile design trends in 2017.

Latest Trends in Tile

Wood plank tile is one of the biggest advancement in the flooring industry. Wood inspired tile has variations, blends, sizes and patterns which makes this look an endless design. Terracotta, yes terracotta is back! We will see sublime ungalzed, natural terracotta tile in contemporary shapes. From quatrefoil shapes, geometric patterns and overlaid distressed wood planks, blending farmhouse charm with modern elegance.

Previously in a news post we spoke about Panel Tile and the installation. Today’s digital printing is so advance that it is hard to tell if its marble, ceramic or porcelain. A bonus to using panel tile is the seamless, sleek look you get. Not only is it scratch, stain and chemical resistant, it is low maintenance and low cost!

Panel Tile @ Cosentino Price Chopper

Pattern Tile is a way to bring some softness to straight lines and hard surfaces. As well as texture, lace, macramé, linen, leather and tweed designs add another tactile element to hard surfaces.

Taking us back in time, Retro tile brings elements from the past and infuses them with contemporary ideas. Manufactures like Dal Tile have been turning the retro look for years.

Another look that tile companies are adding more of incorporates metallic! Colors like platinum, bronze, and gold add glamour to many collections.

One of our favorite wall designs that Turner Ceramic Tile has completed recently uses the bits and pieces design. At the Kholer store in Lenexa, KS, we did a flower wall piece where our team had to piece together bits of tile to make this stunning wall. Contact us to add an interesting focal point to your project.

Kholer Store Wall Design

We are talking Big in 2017!!

LARGE!! Large scale patterns and tiles are big right now. Using large patterns in a room transforms any floor or wall into an interesting conversational piece. How about using glossy tile on both the floor and wall, this will give a feeling of space. Also, large format tile in a small bathroom will give less to clean and less grout to scrub! What about painting? Why do we want to paint? Try using tile all the way around your bathroom. You can also offset with a pattern or small tile as an accent wall. If all else fails why not try using floor tile as art for your wall! Tile comes in all different designs to be able to add this feature to your home or business.