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Ceramic Tile Design

Taking Tile Design to the Next Level!!

Are you looking for a design that will take you above your competitor? Perhaps current art that pushes the boundaries?  When we walk in to a retail store, office or hotel, you want to make an unforgettable impact on your guest. A piece of art that will take your breath away, that is exactly what tile design is, an art. How can you achieve an eye-catching design? Let us talk about taking tile to the next level with metallic, tiled featured walls, 3D stone and tile, plus more!

How to add instant impact to a space with Tile?

Turner Ceramic Tile 3D wallMetallic tile creates an interesting focal point which draws the eyes and attention toward the important areas. It can also add a touch of charm to any high-end commercial space. The same goes for a tiled feature wall!! Strategically placed feature walls are decorative and eye catching, adding excitement to any wall space.

3D stone and tile is a new dimension in tile design that adds dramatic architectural impact with a third dimension. What can this amazing new tile design do for you? It can create energy and a sense of drama to any space by transforming something flat to interesting.

Who can help you make this transformation?

Turner Ceramic Tile can help with a design that will not only give instant impact but will with stand the years to come. We have been in business for 37 years, which gives us the knowledge of design and relationships with our manufactures like Daltile. Contact us to give you that eye-catching design!