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Cleaning Tile and Grout

tile and grout restoration

Is your tile and grout looking old and discolored after years of use?

Do you have tile in a commercial kitchen needing to be cleaned? Maybe you have employees cleaning tile with mops daily in a hotel lobby. No matter what you do your tile and grout still looks dirty! The reason this is happening is because the grout joints are doing their job! Grout joints are lower than tile to give the water somewhere to go. The fact is water goes to the lowest point and sits creating dull discolored tile and grout over the years. Then what is the problem with using a mop to clean tile floors? The reality is you are moving the dirty water from one area to another. Mops are never truly removing the dirt or dirty water from the tile or grout! The general public has recommended different solutions to clean tile and grout floors for decades. But, only few have recommendations for those in the commercial business trying to achieve brilliant looking tile floors.

Let’s Restore Grout and Tile

I assume you are here at this page looking for a solution to bring your tile and grout floors back to life! No problem, we can easily help with your grout and tile restoration needs. We use a specific system that we add a chemical to that breaks down years of dirt and grime! Along with water that is over 200 degrees, pressure over 3000 PSI and an industrial vacuum to remove the dirty water. This is all taking place under a 12” contained head unit in a matter of minutes. Your lifeless floors will be restored to their natural shine and luster. We recommend once your floors have been cleaned to seal the grout again. Realistically grout should be re-sealed every 1-5 years depending on the product used.

Time to reveal the secret to keep tile and grout floors spotless for years!

How will you keep all that dirty water from sitting on your restored tile and grout? Perhaps you are having new tile installed in a senior living or tile installed in a church, either way you will want to keep it looking pristine. Having years of commercial experience, we recommend using either the T1 unit or the Micro HD by Factory Cat Machine. These two styles are the most sought-after tile cleaning machines in the industry. The T1 unit is a great size to be used in a tiled restaurant and can clean up to 8,000 square feet of tile and grout!T1 Turner Ceramic Tile

The Micro HD machine is great for larger areas of commercial tiling, with the capabilities of cleaning up to 13,000 square feet of tile and grout per hour!! This self propelled machine starts with a push of a button and will pre-sweep the floors while applying clean water. While the Micro HD is in use the scrubbers will run across the tile breaking lose all dirt that is present and then vacuum up all the dirty water. This machine can tackle any retail store tile leaving your tiled floors clean and ready for business.

Factory Cat Machines come in all different sizes clear up to extra-large units to clean your commercial warehouse floors. Please feel free to CONTACT US if you would like more information on a Factory Cat Machine.Micro HD Turner Ceramic Tile