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Rectified Tile vs. Non-Rectified

What is Rectified Tile?

How do you achieve a tile design with a smooth, continuous and polished look? One way to get that look is with a tile called rectified. One might ask what rectified tile is?  It is a tile that has been mechanically finished on all sides to achieve uniformity and precision. Rectified tile can be use on the wall or floors to achieve a seamless design.


Is rectified tile better to use than non-rectified tile?

Perfectly cut edges will not perform better than regular tile when friction occurs. This can still cause a variety of problems if you opt for a no grout tile install. Rectified tiles generally allow for thinner grout lines at least 1/8”. Non-rectified tile are tiles with natural uneven edges that require a wider grout line. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles can create up to a 1.5% variation in size during the firing process.


Where should rectified tile be used?

If you are going for that smooth-seamless look then rectified tile can be used anywhere you choose. People with disabilities should us a rectified tile to limit the space of grout lines. This will keep walkers, wheelchairs or even shoes from catching in between the grout lines. Entrances to homes, offices or even stores would be a great place to use a rectified tile design. For more information about rectified tile or to get a Quote please contact Turner Ceramic Tile.