The Residences at Galleria

Beginning With A Whole New Look In Apartment Living Located in Overland Park, KS

Partnering with Titan Built Construction, The Residences at Galleria became a stunning job. With astonishing & unique features of tile work completed; this work has changed the way apartment living will evolve. With over 50,000 sqft of tile combined between the units & clubhouse, this project consists of tile everywhere. When it comes to booking potential tenants, the overall beauty of a building and unit satisfaction is what closes the deal. With Turner Ceramic Tile we can begin this transformation for you today!


We install all types of flooring in Apartments & Clubhouses. The Residences at Galleria in particular had installation of distinct tiles in areas such as: Game Lounge, Summer Kitchen, In-House Salon, Dog Wash, Pool & Club Restrooms, Cyclery, and More. A project that took nearly 2 years to complete; this building put a lot of astonishing looks into it creating a luxurious feel for tenants.