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Interesting Tile Facts I bet you didn’t know!!

Did you know?

  • The Sydney Opera House has more that 1 million exterior tiles that make up the dome of the opera house! It took 14 years to complete and involved 10,000 construction workers. There are more that 8 million people who visit the opera house every year!
  • Ceramic tile can easily with stand the weight of 10 elephants without perishing
  • Tile has been used in buildings around the world since the 19th century B.C.
  • February 23 is National Tile Day (Which just pasted us)
  • Subway tiles were used throughout the US in subways, as the name suggest
  • Grout is a very fine powdered cement
  • Each space shuttle is covered by more than 24,000 of 6×6 blocks. Ceramic tiles are key components to space shuttles as the insulate them from the extreme temperatures created while re-entering the earth’s atmosphere.