Sapp Brothers

The story of our Company, told through the succecss of our clients

Sapp Brothers was a large project with a time sensitive schedule. The contractor for Sapp Brothers needed a tile contractor capable of completing their requirement, balancing an accelerated schedule and installation accuracy. Another added variable, we had the task of communicating with manufactures throughout the world.

The Client & Project

There were several variables in place while working with Sapp Brothers. These variables were significant challenges we had to overcome in order to complete the project successfully. For instance, this project had close to 20,000 SF of tile from 5 global manufacturers. When contracts work with manufacturers across seas, potential issues with shipping and customs can arise. With a tight schedule, we had one chance to order and receive the correct quantities – especially with a 12 week lead time.

Hurdles We Overcame & Worked Through

Constant monitoring of multiple purchase orders became a daily task during the coordination of this project. Sapp Brothers' site had limited room for storage inside of the building. So, this project required a contractor with a warehouse large enough to store all these materials, with access at all times. This project not only needed the right storage for the tile, we had to have enough trucks to ship the material to the site as needed. A site challenge that popped up – the radiuses on the floor. We had 2 colors of 12x24, and a 6x40 all meeting in the radius. This situation required us to use water-jetting to achieve the best results for a highly complex floor pattern. There were 14 different tiles used ranging from 1x1 to 6x40. A job this thorough required working knowledge of all applications, including the range of thickness from one tile to the next. This could have been a challenge for us to perform flat quality install but we were able to achieve the installation. All 20,000 square feet required the use of Epoxy Grouts.

Service Highlights

Turner Tile is the crew with substantial experience to complete the grout work on the sales floor in 1 day.

The Materials