Cosentino’s Market

The story of our Company, told through the succecss of our clients

Cosentino’s Price Chopper – grocery store, was a large and extremely detailed project with a schedule that had no margin for error.  The General Contractor reached out to Turner Ceramic Tile because they understood the nature of this project. They knew what was required of the tile subcontractor to be successful and complete the modernistic tile installation on time.

The Client & Project

Like any high-profile project, there were several variables that posed serious challenges for the Turner Ceramic Tile team.  For instance, there were 5x10 foot panels that are highly vulnerable to all extremities resulting in the utmost care being needed to handle this product successfully.  Another challenge was almost all the tile comes from overseas, so once again the Turner Ceramic Tile team had to be exact with their quantities in order to have success.  

Hurdles We Overcame & Worked Through

Just to get the panel tile into the building was a hurdle in itself.  These panels were shipped on large A-frames, which required us to rent special machinery to ensure safe movement from trucks to the designated work areas within the structure.  Next, we had to be able to maneuver scissor lifts with the large panel tiles in areas that were no more than five feet wide, Panel Tile Installation in the news. The panel tile we used weigh over 200 pounds. Once the thinset was applied to the panel we had to hoist this large tile to a height of 20 feet in certain areas, utilizing a minimum of five guys at all times.  With all that the panels had to line up perfectly or the entire commercial tile install could be compromised.  There is a four-part vein movement, and if we did not have the right pieces in the right place, the entire installation would have been wrong.  So, attention to detail was of the utmost concern.  With all that, there were 10 more elaborate tiles used on the job that really put this project over the top for high profile work.  

Service Highlights

Turner Ceramic Tile completed one of the largest panel tile installation projects in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area on time. Cosentino’s Price Chopper in Overland Park is one of the most state of the art grocery stores to date.

The Materials