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Apartment Tile Bathroom


Have you ever wondered why we gravitate towards a bathroom when we stay at a hotel or even searching for a new apartment home?

Perhaps it is because a bathroom is an oasis to us. It is our quite place where we can escape and pamper ourselves for the day, weekend or years to come. When thinking of a place that we not only get ourselves cleaned up; but a place that also sets the mood for our day. Of course, the design of this space is where you can customize a room to let your personality soar.  Reflecting on Apartment Tile and Hotel Tile Installation, most have used modern tile or stone patterns to create an instant impact for their guest. Something that was once retained only for walls and back-splashes has taken over flooring, too!

What is a pattern in Hotel Tile or Apartment Tile in Kansas City?

(Turner Ceramic Tile)

A repeated decorative design, as the definition states. There are many different design patterns to use but some of our favorites are:

  • Herringbone – Timeless, unique decoration that uses woven design to give depth.
  • Chevron – Similar to the Herringbone design; typically uses longer planks which adds interest and depth to the eye.
  • Brick –
    • Horizontal – Classic design, that will widen a narrow space
    • Vertical – Great design if you have low ceilings, allows the room to appear larger
    • Stacked Bond – Contemporary feel with strong vertical and horizontal lines

What about the characteristics of tile and stone?

There are many looks that can be used or combined as the eye loves unexpected detail!! Majority of bathrooms are not a very large space compared to the other rooms in hotels or apartments. Which brings us to talk about using mosaic tile, as mention in our past news Apartment Glass Tile Design in Overland Park. Mosaic tile can make a small space appear bigger as well as liven it up by using it to border, accent or as a back-splash. A bathroom is a place to have fun and explore with design.

Another popular look is tile that looks like cement; nice smooth and easy on the eye. As pictured in the City Place Apartment, a lien look tile was used in the “stacked bond” pattern. Metallic look is extremely popular within the mosaic tile. This look as featured in our photo shows it used as an accent wall. One thing that all Hotel Tile or Multifamily Tiling must have in common is an “inviting atmosphere”. Turner Ceramic Tile has proven to provide that look and quality in Commercial Tiling Installation in Kansas City.