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Design Trends coming in 2019

Turner Ceramic Tile Pattern Tile

What does 2019 have in store for design?

Every year a new trend is tossed out and another style is brought back or a new one is introduced. The question is should we follow these rules or ideas that take over social media? As in the past quartz and hardwood flooring are still dominant materials in modern design. What about subway tile? Is it here or out this year? By the sounds of it subway tile is a classic look that will be here for years to come. A very exciting trend for 2019 is pattern tiles, which are a highly sought after look with Spanish and Moroccan styles. The hottest trend with pattern tile for 2019 is copper and gold accents! That is correct, gold and copper accents are back!!

Turner Ceramic Tile Colored GroutLooking for Color?

We sometimes limit ourselves with color in spaces because we are scared. Not only can you add life to your floors, a back-splash or bathroom with striking pattern tiles, you can also add a visual punch with color!! Colorful grout is the unexpected color for grout work and adds a hint of interest. Grout colors come in many choices as well as glitter to add some glamour to a room. Colors for the year are organic and natural colors on the walls or as accents. Top color contenders are still the beige and gray’s but with a warmer hue to them. Blacks are back and looking like they are here to stay for awhile! As well as orange, corral, blue and dark browns for colors of the year!Turner Ceramic Tile Panel project

What about texture?

As tempting as an aroma can invite you in, so can design features and textures. Bold patterns and touchable textures can complete any space. Large format tiles can showcase big patterns that create the look of wallpaper with a lavish feel. These textures can be displayed anywhere in the home or office. Bold patterns and touchable textures are definitely here for 2019. (Large panel tile pictured in the bottom left)

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